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Turbo Cup Wheel Type

Short Description:

The Turbo Cup Wheel is used for thin coating removal and surface preparation. The "Turbo" segments design provides each segment with more surface area contact and allows the operator more control with less opportunity to dig into the floor. The turbo Segments provides flexibility over a wide range of surfaces without sacrificing tool life.

  • Model Number: JD1-1-11
  • Type: Turbo Cup Wheel
  • Diameter: 4inch,5inch,7inch
  • Bore: 22.23mm; M14; 5/8”-11
  • Grit: 30/40#, 50/60#. 70/80#, 100/120#...
  • Bond: Medium, Soft, Hard, Super soft, Super hard, Stone bond
  • Application: Concrete, Glue, Paint, Coating, Removal Epoxy etc
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    Accurate shape, high grinding efficiency with long life. High working efficiency, and polishing excellence, uses different bonds according to different grinding materials. Each product with strict dynamic balancing testing, to make sure the stability during the process. And greatly reduce the maintenance rate of machine.

    Diamond Aluminum Cup Wheel:

    1. This diamond grinding cup wheel have Aluminum base, is designed for natural stone grinding, fast rough dry or water-cooling grinding, can be used for stone surfaces, edges and angles shaping, aluminum base providing light weight and fast cooling effect by high conductivity.

    2. Aluminum base also provides lightweight and lower noise, fast cooling effect by high quality aluminum base.

    3. The high diamond concentration provides for a faster cut rate while the high quality of the diamonds provides longer blade life.

    4. The diamonds on these blades provides for heavy material removal and provides longer life.


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