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Top PCD Plates JD6-2-4

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This 10 inch PCD diamond grinding plate is designed for concrete, epoxy, mastics, thinners, water-proofing coatings and more. The quarter round PCD segments and double bar diamond grinding segments deliver a more aggressive grinding and faster stock removal.

  • Model Number: JD6-2-4 JD6-2-10 JD6-2-18 JD6-2-19
  • Type: PCD CUP Wheels
  • Diameter: 10”
  • Center holes: 20/22.23mm
  • Grit: rough medium smooth
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    Diamond grinding is a mature technology, and there are effective ways a manufacturer can alter the performance of their grinding wheels. Diamond grit size and bonding choices are the primary factors that determine a wheel's performance. Concrete can be soft, hard, abrasive, dusty and brittle etc. There are no two floors are ever the same, typically they are more abrasive when the floor are new or have a high sharp sand content. The more abrasive the floor the harder bond you will need to get the best performance out of the diamonds. The size of the diamond grit in the segment. Typically the smaller the grit the more aggressive the segment will be. The larger the grit the finer the finish will be. The higher the number then the finer the finish will be e.g. 3000 grit will give a highly polished finish.




    Screening Emery

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