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Sintered diamond router bits JD9-6

Short Description:

Vacuum brazed diamond tools are widely used for cutting, grinding, drilling and other processing of metal board, stainless steel ,granite, marble, reinforced concrete, ceramic, or ganic glass and refractory materials.

  • Model Number: JD9-6
  • Type: Sintered diamond router bits
  • Diameter: from 4inch to 10inch
  • Arbor: 16, 20/22.23, 22.23, 32mm
  • Thick: 1.2mm,1.5mm,2.5mm,2.9mm
  • Product Detail

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    ---High temperature pressing and sintering;

    ---Strong bonding force, good for big load of grinding milling.

    ---Sintered with multilayer diamond material, high concentration of sintered diamond

    --- high abrasive, long service life, low engraving cost.

    Suitable Material:

    Granite, stone, marble, sandstone, artificial stone, bluestone, ceramic tiles, jade, glass, bricks.

    CNC Router Bit Cutting Tools Diamond Engraving Bits For Stone Marble And Granite

    With the advantage of being sharp, better abrasion resistance, strong bonding and not easy to spall off, it is the excellent small shank grinding tools, grinding can be used as the inner circle, rounded, trench, arc, cone and other special surface.

    Differences of sintered , electroplated and brazed products:

    1. Sintered

    1) The longest lifespan

    2) High market recognition

    3) Widely use range : Available for cutting microcline, tile , concrete , granite , marble and glass

    2. Electroplated

    1) High precision

    2) Sharpness better than Brazed

    3) Available for cutting marble and glass

    4) No chipping

    3. Brazed

    1) New technology , integral better than before

    2) Longer lifespan than electroplated

    3) Higher efficiency than sintered

    4) Good at both of dry cutting and wet cutting

    5) Available for cutting marble and metal

    Sintered diamond router bits

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