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Single Row Cup Grinding Wheel JD1-1-1

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Single diamond cup wheels used for concrete, epoxy resin, floor paint, masonry, stone, brick block, high accuracy and smooth surface in processing. Sharpe and long lifespan, suitable for use on handed grinder and floor grinder.

  • Model Number: JD1-1-1
  • Type: Single Row Cup Grinding Wheel
  • Diameter: 4 inch to 9 inch (4”, 5” and 7” is common style)
  • Bore: 22.23mm, M14, 5/8”-11
  • Grit: 8#, 16#, 20/25#, 30/40#, 50/60#. 70/80#, 100/120#...
  • Bond: Medium, Soft, Hard, Super soft, Super hard, Stone bond
  • Color: Can be customized
  • Application: Grinding Concrete, epoxy resin, floor paint, Marble, Granite
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    Diamond cup grinding wheels are designed for dry grinding and wet grinding, leveling and shaping of concrete. Appropriate for grinding, from coarse to fine grinding. Grit domestic and six types bond satisfy all requirements for grinding. Ideal for surface preparation combine with resin pad.


    1. Technology: High-frequency welded;

    2. Low cost, high efficient,;

    3. Effective in the process of grinding and polishing;

    4. More thicker diamond segment, suitable for different grinding speed machine, long service life, less chip;

    5. Strong body can bear heavy duty work, more productive than conventional abrasives.

    6. Long lifespan and stable performance.





    Screening Emery

    Emery is the raw material for hot press forming, with high density, large particles, strong hardness, stable cutting, and wide range of objects



    Groove design, reduced impedance slip

    Double chip chute design, fast chip evacuation, reduced resistance slip, lower noise, long-lasting durability, higher efficiency, dry grinding without burning chips




    Metal baking process

    Advanced baking technology, uniform texture, smooth surface, not easy to rust.


    Diamond material

    Selected high-quality diamond materials, high density, high hardness, sharp wear-resistant and long service life

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