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PDC bit JD13-1-2/JD16-1-8

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PDC core bits incorporating PDC(Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) cutters can be very cost effective and very productive, applicable hard,very hard and medium soft rock formation . 

  • Model Number: JD13-1-2/JD16-1-8
  • Type: PDC bit
  • Diameter: Φ56,Φ59,Φ75,Φ91,Φ110,Φ130,Φ150,Φ170mm
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    PDC Bit Use Precautions

    1. Before the drill bit is down, it is necessary to confirm that the bottom of the well is clean, no sand, no metal falling.

    2. Check if the thread connection thread of the PDC is intact and the nozzle installation is intact.

    3. Before drilling, you should avoid the pressure too much and prevent the bit from falling.

    4. The last single root should have a large displacement starter turntable, and draw the eye to the bottom of the well. Fully wash the well to prevent the cuttings from clogging the nozzle. It should be gently pressed and slowly contacted to smoothly contact the bottom of the well, with small drilling pressure, low rotation speed, large displacement and small torque operation.

    5. The bottom hole shape is 40-60RPM, and at least 30 minutes.

    6. Refer to the recommended parameters of the drill manual, and determine the drilling pressure and speed in combination with the actual conditions of the formation.

    7. The operation should be smooth during the drilling process, and the drill should be evenly distributed.

    8. If it is found that the drill bit does not have a footage, the pump pressure is obviously increased or decreased, the connection speed is suddenly decreased, and the torque is increased

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