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Diamond Grinding plate is one the most famous flooring tool, the easy change design and largely save time to change the Grinding Shoe. No need screwdrivers and bolt, just fix it by hand.

The wedge design can make the grinding shoe connect the machine fasten enough.

Bonds type ranges from extral soft, soft, medium hard, hard and extral hard. Except for the diamond segments, the PCD segment is also available.

The 20# Grit Diamond Grinding Segment for Floor Grinder can be widely used on concrete floor, epoxy, glue and paint. 

With Quick Change design, trapezoid diamond grinding head provides the most convenient and economical way for concrete floor preparation and grinding.
Available bond for different concrete hardness: soft, medium or hard.

This diamond concrete grinding diamond segments grits available are: 30, 60, and 120 grits.
These grits are for all degrees of preparation work.
The coarsest grits grinding head may be used for light coating removal.

The concrete grinding diamond segment is held into the right position by a combination dovetail-magnet system,

which prevents the grinding heads from slipping during the grinding or preparation work.


Diamond Grinding Shoe Diamond Grinding Segment for Concrete

In order to get you the best grinding effect. pls note below.

Soft Bond (For Hard Concrete)

Hard Bond (For Soft Concrete)

Medium Bond (For Medium concrete).   

So Please tell us which bond(verysoft,soft,medium,hard,very hard) and which grit you need.

Post time: Jul-13-2021