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PCD (polycrystalline diamond)  is synthetic diamond that is used in non-ferrous application, has superior hardness, high fracture strength and uniformed properties, as well as excellent wear resistance and high thermal conductivity. PCD floor grinding tools are designed for removing exploy, paint, glue or elastometric coatings. It is the most popular tool for floor preparation. 
Diamond Cup Wheels are used for grinding, cutting, polishing concrete, hard concrete, marble, granite, field stones, paint removal, chemical and film removal, and epoxy coating removal.  Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels features come in a vast array of styles with arranged segments to produce fast grinding and cutting. Most have big holes to provide more efficient dust collection and to keep the cutting blade cool. Diamond Cup Wheels have a wide range of uses from simple form clean-up all the way to the concrete polishing, surface preparation of floors, to the shaping of concrete.
1.Long lifespan, high grinding ratio, stretched between plastic and finish time

2.Shape is not easy to deformation, high dimensional accuracy

3.High Sharpness, not easy to happen the phenomenon such as burning, grinding 


4. Manufacturer price and reliable supplier. .

5 OEM accepted,buyer label offered,the more size and specifications upon your request         

6. Perfect for cutting Road,concrete, Asphalt

Post time: Aug-24-2021