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First prepare grinding tools, prime coat, curning agent, silica sand, reamer

Deal with the floor surface:

①noted that new industrial floor should be operated after 28 days maitaining.

②Remove the bleeding cement, old paint and adhered garbage on the surface.

③Completely remove the oil on the surface.

④.Removing ground water, and let it dry thoroughly.

⑤.Use a dust-free cleaner or a large vacuum cleaner to clean the surface.

⑥The flat surface allows a gap of 2 ~ 2.5mm, the water content is below 6%, PH value is 6-8

⑦The floor surface should be finished with a dust-free sander,and cleaned thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. 

⑧.The hole of the surface of the floor and obvious depression should be fill with the putty, after dry, polishing and dust collection.

2.Epoxy floor construction technology

①Basic level processing

②prime coat

③floating coat twice

④Polishing and coating

⑤Top coat

⑥Again top coat(matt)



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