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It is crucial to the success of your grinding and polishing jobs to select the diamond bond which correctly matches the concrete density of the slab you are working on .While 80% of concrete can be ground or polished with medium bond diamonds, there will be many instances where you will need a different strength bond in order to be effective.

Hard Concrete
    Hard concrete means soft bond tooling is required. If a medium bond diamond is not cutting fast enough or is glazing over, you need to move to a softer bond diamond.

Soft Concrete
    Soft concrete means hard bond tooling is required. If you have a diamond that is wearing too quickly, you will need to select a harder bond in order to increase life span and production.

Testing Your Concrete

If you’re not sure if your concrete is hard or soft, it’s a good idea to buy a Moh’s hardness test kit which rates the hardness of rock, mineral, and other similar materials, including concrete. Containing several small picks, you can do a scratch test on the concrete to see how hard it is. If a #4 pick leaves a scratch, but a #5 doesn’t, the rating would be around a 4.5, so that or anything below should be used with a hard bond. If your concrete scratch test is between 5 and 6, a medium bond would be best, while anything above 6 should use a hard bond.

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Post time: Sep-14-2022