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There are 3 kinds of diamond saw blades: sintered saw blade, welded saw blade and electroplated (brazed) saw blade.

1.Sintered diamond saw blade:include cold-pressing sintering and hot pressed sintering,and thenpressed and sintered in moulding.

2.Welded saw blade: include brazing and laser welding. Brazing is to weld the tool head together with the matrix through the high-temperature melting medium, such as High frequency induction brazing saw blade、Vacuum brazing saw blade etc. Laser welding uses high temperature laser beam to melt the contact edge between the cutter head and the substrate to form metallurgical bonding.

3.Electropplated(brazed) diamond saw blade: the blade powder is attached to the substrate by electroplating. Since 2012, our country has gradually cancelled the production of electroplated diamond products, mainly because of the serious pollution. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

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Post time: Jun-07-2021