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The Base Plate For Metal Trapezoid – 270mm, Six Bays is one component of The Fast Change System (FCS). This is an easy to use magnetic SNAP-ON / SNAP-OFF system for diamond grinders. Once the Base Plate is installed, it NEVER has to be removed.


The Fast change base plate consists of six Trapezoid in-set cavities with rare earth


The magnetic force coupled with the inset cavity provides an extremely stable

platform for diamond grinding


Technical Specs

6 Trapezoid Cavities

Up to six Trapezoid cavities can be used for various applications.

Stability Holes

Each trapezoid cavity has three holes drilled in them to accept a cap head screw which in addition to the rare earth magnets, provides additional “hold-in-place” force when required. Usually used with PCD tooling but can be used with any tooling that would require additional “hold-in-place” force


Post time: Jul-22-2021