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Dimond polishing pads come with velcro backing and a full range grits,from 50# to 3000# for polishing granite marble and concrete, fast and high gloss finish, very flexible to operate.

  • Model Number: JD10-1-5
  • Diamater: 80mm,100mm,125mm,150mm,180mm,200mm
  • Grit: 50, 80, 150, 3000, 800, 30, 1#-3000#
  • Color: Grey, Beige, White, Gray, customized
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    1.Flexible, suitable for different shape polishing, wet/dry polishing can work more efficiently and with less pollution;

    2.Fast polishing, good brightness and non-fading without changing the color of granite&marble stone;

    3.Corrosion resistance, strong abrasion resistance,arbitrarily folded and long service life;

    4.Rsin bond diamond polishing pad for granite & marble tile stone polishing,restoring,grinding or shaping;

    5.Recommended speed is 2500RPM, Max capacity is 5000RPM;

    6. very soft, so it is so easy to oprate


    1.Different stone choice nearly color polishing pad

    2.Different Grit apart in different color

    3.Use Hand Polishing Machine.The speed of machine must less 4500 RPM,The pressure must less 3kgs/cm2

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