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high frequency double row diamond cup grinding wheel discs for concrete or stone JD1-1-2

Short Description:

Diamond cup grinding wheel used for concrete, epoxy resin, floor paint, masonry, stone, brick block, high accuracy and smooth surface in processing. Sharpe and long lifespan, suitable for use on handed grinder and floor grinder.

  • Model Number: JD1-1-2
  • Type: Double Row Cup Wheel
  • Diameter: 4inch to 9inch
  • Bore: 22.23mm, M14, 5/8”-11
  • Grit: 8#, 16#, 20/25#, 30/40#, 50/60#. 70/80#, 100/120#...
  • Bond: Medium, Soft, Hard, Super soft, Super hard, Stone bond
  • Color: Can be customized
  • Application: Grinding Concrete, epoxy resin, floor paint, Marble, Granite
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    JD double row diamond grinding cup wheels are engineered with top grade industrial diamond powders for maximum grinding performance and superior lifespan. Our especially formulated grinding segments provide a max grinding efficiency at a very low cost to the cup grinding wheel. These double row diamond cup wheels can be used for a wide range of projects from shaping and polishing of stone surfaces and concrete floors, to fast aggressive concrete grinding or leveling and coating removal.


    1. Silver brazed

    2. Designed for fast rough work

    3. Excellent for concrete floor processing

    4. Used for manual grinding and polishing on surfaces of natural stone and artificial stone, also used for reconditioning and maintaining of decorative stones.

    5. Used on all portable grinding machines and special reconditioning machines.


    • It suitable for smooth grinding and shaping of surfaces preparation, concrete, marble, granite, floor grinder, angles and edges etc.

     • Various bonds and grits available for stone, concrete and construction application.

     • Different types and sizes to meet different application needs; 

        Special type and size we also can manufacture according to your update drawing.

    ***Our products are fit for many machine, like Floorex, Spe, Terrco, Husqvarna, J$S, Medel, ASL, Klindex and so on.


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    Screening Emery

    Emery is the raw material for hot press forming, with high density, large particles, strong hardness, stable cutting, and wide range of objects



    Groove design, reduced impedance slip

    Double chip chute design, fast chip evacuation, reduced resistance slip, lower noise, long-lasting durability, higher efficiency, dry grinding without burning chips

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    Metal baking process

    Advanced baking technology, uniform texture, smooth surface, not easy to rust.


    Diamond material

    Selected high-quality diamond materials, high density, high hardness, sharp wear-resistant and long service life

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