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Diamond saw blade for granite JD8-2-2

Short Description:

Dimond saw blade is widely used for cutting stone,ceramics,wall,concrete,reinforced concrete etc., specially used for stone processing ,road repairing and cutting.

  • Model Number: JD8-2-2
  • Type: Diamond saw blade for granite
  • Size: 4”/4.5”/5”/7”/9”/10”/12”/14”/16”/18”/20”/24”
  • Material: high quality original diamond
  • Slot type: key slot, narrow u, wide u, slant slot
  • Segment Shape: Turbo, Fan, W, U,etc.
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    More Description:

    1) high quality, smooth cutting without chip, easy welding, save electric, reduce the stone waste

    2) universal wet cutting for different kinds of stone (granite marble sandstone etc...)

    3) soft to hard bonds designed for cutting hard to soft materials.

    4) sandwich or grooved segment with any shapes for single or multi-blade as required.

    5) reasonably priced with excellent service and consistent quality.

    6) guarantee fast smooth cutting on each stone.


    1.The segments are attached to the core by brazing with silver solder;

    2. High-quality Diamond Segment Made from High-grade Diamond by Special and Advanced Technics;

    3.Specifications supplied by customers are available;

    4.Segment can be produced for single blade, multi-blade;

    5.Professional fomula are used coorespondently for cuttinggranite,marble,limestone, LAVA stone, onxy, concrete, asphalt, etc.

    6.Diamonds and bond in the outer and inner layers are carefully designed to ensure cutting stability.

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