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Diamond Cup Gringding Wheels JD1-1-21

Short Description:

Diamond segmented cup wheel is primarily used for the grinding of hard surfaces such as concrete and stone. Additional applications for this product are the fast polishing of substrates for high gloss.

  • Model Number: JD1-1-21
  • Segment shape: R3 Type wheel
  • Diameter: 4”   4.5” 5”   7”   9”
  • Teeth Height: 5mm
  • Arbor Size: 22.23mm, 5/8”-11
  • Grit: 16/20# 30/40# 60/80# 120/150#
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    The diamond segments are brazed on the cup wheel, hardly falling out. The technical holes of wheels help for removing dust, keep cup wheel cleaning, also reducing weight, suit for carrying on it. Then removal capacity and service life have proved themselves in millions of applications in practical use.Novel appearance and reasonable design,deserve to own it. Easy-to-use, low vibration, feel good when you using it.


    •Diamond grinding cup wheels come different types and specifications to meet different application needs,they are used for grinding concrete,stones or removal of paint,glue,expoxy and other floor coating.

    •Suitable for use on handed grinder and floor grinder.

    •With improved diamonds and bonds,JIANGDA Diamond wheels gives fast cutting and more aggressive,let you spend less time on site and save budget.

    •Quality grade options:Premium and Standard.

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